Leader of Minority - Cecilia Wamaitha Mwangi

Personal Details

Cecilia Wamaitha Mwangi was born in Mang’u in August 1964,she was educated in Mang’u for her primary level, went to Gatanga secondary school and thereafter Utalii College where she graduated in Hotel Management. She is married and has been blessed with five children.

Career Details

  • 1997: Joined politics
  • 2003: Nominated as women leader through KANU ticket in Mang’u ward then Then Thika District.
  • 2006: She settled in Gatuanyaga, now in Thika- Sub County of Kiambu County.
  • 2010: Elected as councilor in Gatuanyaga Ward through a by-election. During this time, she was also elected as the Vice chair of the County Council of Thika, making her the first woman to be elected for that position through a by election.
  • 2013: Elected as a Member of County Assembly for Gatuanyaga Ward through Farmers Party, again she was the first woman to be elected in Gatuanyaga Ward for this position without a government ticket, it was not easy for a Woman to push through, this remain historic for Kiambu County and quite an achievement for women generally as leaders in Kenya and the world at large.
  • That was not enough for her because during this same year, she was elected as the Minority Leader in Kiambu County Assembly.

Career Achievements

At the County Assembly

  • As said earlier, she is the Leader of Minority in Kiambu County Assembly.
  • She is chairs in catering in a committee of Transport and Health.
  • She is also in the Service Board of Kiambu County Assembly.

At Gatuanyaga Ward

  • She started Gatuanyaga Secondary School, this was so because the local people require basic, affordable and reachable education and also wanted to enlighten them on the need for education.
  • She is the proprietor of Venus Hotel Investment, located in Thika East Garissa Road. The aim is to help local people understand the importance of development.
  • To insist on the need for development, she has helped in building churches, other learning institutions both schools and colleges, making bridges and opening of roads in Gatuanyaga ward and beyond.
  • To sum up, she is a woman with a vision for the people of Gatuanyaga and Kiambu County Assembly at large. She works with great passion and considers excellence as part of her objectives.

Contact Details

1492, Kiambu, Central, Kenya, 00900

by phone:067 5860000

by e-mail: [email protected] 

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